Vendor Opportunity - Join Us at "Hope for the Family"

The world is changing rapidly. How do we handle the complexities of our postmodern culture? How should we respond to the challenges of the LGBTQ movement? How can we equip our children to stand firm in this age of gender fluidity? How do we build our house on the Rock in the midst of shifting sands?

In the Word of God, we find the answers to these questions. That is why the NCFIC is pleased to host Hope for the Family. At this conference, men like Al Mohler and Joel Beeke will explore Scripture’s answers to the pressing issues that Christian families face.

Through practical preaching from the Word of God, Hope for the Family aims to equip attendees to stand firm in this tumultuous culture. Our prayer is that this equipping would continue long after Hope for Family has concluded. To this end, we at the NCFIC desire to arm families and church members with God-glorifying, Christ-centered resources. This is why we are building a vibrant vendor hall for the conference.

Would you like to join us as a vendor?

Vendor registration is now open. Explore our vendor packages and pricing options by clicking here. If you register before June 30, you qualify for our early bird discount of 25%. That means you can become a vendor at Hope for the Family for as low as $435.00, and join the NCFIC in arming hundreds of families to stand strong upon Scripture.

We’d love to see you there.

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