Allowing Evil in Your House

In many places in the Bible, a “tent,” is code for your home. God is very clear about what we ought to keep out of our homes: “Do not let wickedness dwell in your tents” Job 11:14

He also speaks of the consequences.  

It makes you barren: “For the company of the godless is barren, and fire consumes the tents of the corrupt.” Job 15:34
Your light goes out: “The light of his tent is darkened, And his lamp goes out above him.” Job 18:6
You are destroyed: “My tent is destroyed. And all my ropes are broken; my sons have gone from me and are no more. There is no one to stretch out my tent again or set up my curtains.” Jer. 10:20

“How fair are your tents O Jacob, Your dwellings, O Israel” Num 24:5

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