Why are people so unhappy?

Just google it - statisticians are telling us that people are more unhappy than ever - especially college students. Why are mood altering, pain killing drugs on such a dramatic rise? Why so much trouble with Opioids? People are on a quest for joy that eludes them. They try to find it in accepting themselves, travel, goals, yoga... Why are college students of today the most unhappy college students have ever been? Why are psychotropics so pervasive today? Let me reduce it down: They have rejected Christ’s kingdom of happiness, and all of His gifts.   

Here is what they are left with:


No one who sympathizes with their weaknesses
No one who suffered for them
No one interceding 
No one who opened the door to god the father
No one who raised them from the dead
No one to break the power of sin

No one to forgive their secret sins

No presence of the comfort of the indwelling Holy Spirit

No encouragement from the Word of God

No correction from the word of God

No sense of where they are in history

No one bringing them to glory

No one sanctifying them

No one who will never leave or forsake them

No church to care for them

No preaching to teach them

It is a tragic loss - on many fronts - to reject Jesus' salvation and kingdom.

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