Would You Murder To Get A College Degree?

Our free sex culture comes at the cost of dead babies. I read something recently I’ll paraphrase, “would you kill to have free sex?” It was a comment about abortion because when you reduce it, this is what abortion is. It is a trade. Abortion buys you freedom to have free sex. Would you kill for sexual freedom? Would you kill to keep from dropping out of school? Would you kill to go to college? Would you kill for a college degree? Would you kill for a career?  Would you kill a baby, not be tied down to diapers and housework? Would you kill to save face at church? Would you kill to hide your promiscuity from parents? Would you kill to save face before your feminist friends so you don’t become one of those useless underutilized housewives? And, how much is it worth to make the trade? How much would you be willing to pay for the dead baby? Because, that’s what you get in an abortion - a dead baby! That’s what you pay for in trade. And, who can atone for such a horrible thing? Only Jesus Christ the spotless Son of God, who takes away the sins of the world.

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