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Family Camp

Family Camp

May. 05 - 07, 2017

Although completely independent of everything and needing nothing, God chose to have fellowship with man.   In the first week of the created order, He spoke the universe into existence, including the stars, planets, sun and moon, seas, plants and animals.  With each passing day in that first week of structured time, His glory was made manifest; nevertheless, none of these things bore His image or had intimate fellowship with Him.  That privilege, He reserved for His culminating creative act, man and woman, husband and wife, the genesis of the family.

We are excited to announce this retreat for young couples who have been married seven years or less.

Generally, most of the people who come have children getting older - nearing the age of marriage. Without fail, many of them say two things to us, first: “We sure wish we had known these things 20 years ago.” Second, they say: “Why don’t you do a marriage retreat for younger married couples in order to help them lay foundations? Then they won't say, 'I wish we had known these things 20 years ago.'”

Because of this, we have decided to hold a marriage retreat for young couples June 8-9 at our home in Wake Forest.


Our national conference in 2017 is taking place just a few days before the 500 year anniversary of Luther’s 95 Theses nailed to the Wittenberg Door October 31, 1517. This is why we are directing our attention to the doctrine and the fruit of the Protestant Reformation.

The heart of the Reformation was repentance. This is the source of all times of refreshing. At this conference, we will be hearkening back to some of the great doctrines of the Protestant Reformation but it will be even more focused on the reformations of church and family that are in motion today as God continues to reform His church.