The devil is always waging war against the truth of God by asking, “Has God indeed said” (Genesis 3:1)? This year, we are fixing our sights on some of the fierce battlefields that surround the Church and the family. 

Foundational to our approach at the Father-Son Retreat is that a father needs to bring his son into a wholesome world and engage him in spiritual training. For our purposes, a father should enter into a boy's world … the world of camping, canoeing, tug-o-war, fishing - the great outdoors! The retreat is being held at a rustic, outdoor setting with lakes, canoeing, pasture land, and hiking areas. We will fish, gather around a campfire, and look heavenward to the stars to drink in the majesty of God. Fathers and sons will be instructed in critical matters of manhood and leadership.

This year, our instruction focuses on "21st Century Battlefields." We will be speaking about the various battleground issues presenting themselves in this century.

Understanding and responding to the LGBTQ movement
Understanding and responding to the gay marriage movement
Understanding and responding to the challenges of technology
Understanding and responding to the growth of Islam 
Understanding and responding to Roman Catholicism
Understanding and responding to growing secularism
Understanding and responding to the religions of Hollywood
Understanding and responding to the religion of Socialism

This Father-Son Retreat is designed to encourage fathers and sons to learn how to work together to further the glory of God in their lifetimes. 

The Father Son Retreat is sponsored by Hope Baptist ChurchSovereign Redeemer Community Church and the NCFIC.

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