The central matter of this gathering is Christ and the church and how this relates to our marriages. We will consider the picture of marriage that puts everything in place - marriage is a picture of Christ’s love for the church and the church’s respect and submission to Christ. Through this lens we will examine true heartstrings of happiness in marriage as well as the little foxes that make marriage hard.  Further, we will speak about how we might be a blessing to our children in helping them to choose and how they should look to the Bible to guide them as they enter into the process of getting married.

We will also consider God’s beautiful design for marriage and define what makes for godly intimacy in marriage. We will illustrate from scripture how headship and submission work in marriage, and how husbands and wives lovingly work for one another’s sanctification, and how to troubleshoot problems in marriage.

We will outline how to identify potential spouses for our children, detail how we encourage young men to ready themselves for marriage, and identify various ways to connect with others who may be potential marriage partners.

We will identify how to prepare sons and daughters for marriage and lay the foundation from the early years. We will study the scripture for how young people should treat one another in the church.  We will also speak of “leaving and cleaving,” and how to conduct oneself while planning the wedding and how to become a godly in-law.

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