The Gospel’s Importance Impossible to Overemphasize
It is difficult to overstate the importance of this matter. Paul Washer declares, “Every word and doctrine of the Scriptures is important; however, some doctrines carry greater weight than others do. Our eternal salvation does not depend upon some nuance in ecclesiology or eschatology, but it does depend entirely upon the Gospel.”1 “We are in great danger of error whenever we overemphasize the importance of one truth to the demise or neglect of the others. However, it is impossible to overstate or overemphasize the preeminence of the Gospel.”2

The Wells of Salvation for Church and Family - Isaiah 12:3
At this conference we will consider the work of rebuilding the most powerful of God’s earthly discipleship and evangelism engines—the church and the family. How is this possible? Only when church and family are joyfully watered “from the wells of salvation,” (Isaiah 12:3). We will explain the role of the Gospel, Repentance, Faith, the Holy Spirit and the Power of the Word of God—the interior realities that bring forth the right outward appearances of church and family life. 

The conference will focus on the spiritual foundation of church and family life — the transforming power of the Gospel. We will examine the various elements of the order of salvation — foreknowledge, justification, sanctification, perseverance, sovereignty and glorification. Understanding the order and the content of the Gospel is the most important matter for God-glorifying family life.

Two Institutions for the Glory of God
God has uniquely positioned the church and the family as the primary institutions for discipleship.  Each of them play a distinctive role for the glory of God. These two institutions are designed by God to function in harmony. For example, it is very difficult to have a strong and biblically ordered family without the church, and it is equally difficult to have a strong church without a well ordered family.

A Dual Focus
We will focus significant time speaking of the inward heart and soul of family life. And, we will also explain the practical details of of the duties and functions of family life. 

The Details Matter
At this conference we will turn our attention on the details of family life and church life and how the two are designed to bless one another. Families will be refreshed by the knowledge of the way God has designed them to function at home and in the church. Church leaders will benefit from saturating themselves in the Word of God regarding their task to structure church life according to scripture in order to capitalize on God’s brilliant design.

Inward Realities, Not Outward Appearances
The keynote messages in the large meeting hall will focus on the interior regions of spiritual life in a family - The spiritual foundations of family life. The focus of these messages will be on the inward realities, not outward appearances. We will be speaking of repentance, faith, the work of the Holy Spirit and the power of the Word of God in family life. These are the things that are designed to create the outward realities, but without them, all you get is dead orthodoxy… joyless, legalistic families and churches.

Shepherding the Flock of God

There will also be a Pre-Conference Church Leaders and Wives meeting on Thursday titled "Shepherding the Flock of God."



Burnings in the Soul

There will als be a men's luncheon on Friday called "Burnings in the Soul." At this meeting some of our speakers will share what is burning in their souls. All men and boys are welcome.


1. The Gospel’s Power and Message, Paul Washer, p. 15
2 The Gospel’s Power and Message, Paul Washer, p. 17

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