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The Life of a Shepherd
Mar. 15 - 17, 2018
Young Meadows Presbyterian Church
5780 Vaughn Road, Montgomery, AL


Scott Brown Jason Dohm Alexander Strauch
  • Overview

    In Titus 1:5, we learn that Titus was to “set in order the things that are lacking and appoint elders in every city.” By His perfect wisdom, God has laid out how the church is to be governed in His Word. It is such a blessing that God’s design for the leadership of His church has been revealed to us. We must ensure that our practices and doctrine today mirror with what Scripture dictates. 

    At this conference, we will explain the various passages of Scripture that explain the role of an elder in a local church. We will address issues such as:

    What is biblical eldership? 
    How should elders be installed? 
    What is an elder’s life like in a local church? 
    What about his family life? 
    What about elder vows? 
    How much authority should elders have? 
    What moral qualifications are necessary? 
    Must an elder be married? 
    Should each church have more than one elder? 
    Should elders be paid, ordained or serve for life? 

    We will also discuss the role and responsibilities of a deacon and how deacons and elders should work together.

    As the shepherds go, so goes the church. One of the most dangerous things leaders can do is to appoint men who are not biblically qualified. Conversely, one of the most life-giving things leaders can do is to properly identify and present elders to the church for affirmation.

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  • Speakers

    Scott Brown

    Scott T. Brown is the President of the National Center for Family-Integrated Churches and pastor at Hope Baptist Church in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Scott graduated from California State University in Fullerton with a degree in History and received a Master of Divinity degree from Talbot School of Theology.  He gives his time to expository preaching and local pastoral ministry, as well as conferences on Biblical doctrine and church and family reformation. He and his wife Deborah have four grown children. Scott helps people think through the two greatest evangelistic and discipleship institutions God has provided — the church and the family.

    Jason Dohm

    Jason Dohm is a full time pastor at Sovereign Redeemer Community Church in Youngsville, NC ( He graduated from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1992 with a B.A. in education and proceeded to a lengthy career in electronics manufacturing. Jason has been married to Janet for twenty-three years and has six children

    Alexander Strauch

    Alexander Strauch was raised in New Jersey and converted to Christ at a Bible camp in New York State. He received his undergraduate degree from Colorado Christian University and went on to earn his Master’s in Divinity degree from Denver Seminary. For decades he has served as an elder at Littleton Bible Chapel near Denver, Colorado. Additionally, he has taught philosophy and New Testament literature at Colorado Christian University. A gifted Bible teacher and popular speaker, Mr. Strauch has helped thousands of churches worldwide through his expository, writing ministry. He is the author of Biblical Eldership, The New Testament Deacon, Men and Women: Equal Yet Different, The Hospitality Commands, Agape Leadership, and Meetings That Work. Mr. Strauch and his wife, Marilyn, reside in Littleton, Colorado, near their four adult daughters.

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