Preparing Boys for Battle - Hardcover

Get the latest edition of Preparing Boys for Battle - What Every Son Needs to Hear His Father Say. 

Learn about the Battle for Iwo Jima from eyewitnesses. This beautiful new hardback edition of Preparing Boys for Battle is filled with remarkable true stories from the Battle for Iwo Jima and the ensuing air war over Japan. My father was a P51 Mustang pilot who arrived on Iwo Jima during the early days of the battle. I spent hours interviewing him and his friends. I also visited the island itself to see where it all happened. These are their stories.

Here’s why you should get this book: 

  • The stories point to the great doctrines of the Bible. They all explain indispensable Gospel messages that fathers need to communicate to their sons to prepare them for the battles ahead. Each chapter explains what every son needs to hear his father say.
  • You will have a graphic and accurate history of the battle from first-hand testimony of eyewitnesses. It is a living history connected to biblical truth.
  • This edition offers an expanded array of original battle photos that document the scenes of the battle for Iwo Jima in a fresh and beautiful new layout.

With this book, you will have an engaging way to prepare a boy for battle with living history and practical theology. 

By the way, your girls will love it too.

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