A Day for Delight - MP3 CD

This eight-part series on the Sabbath features expositions of five critical texts of Scripture which address God's appointment of a day to spend meditating and finding joy in Christ alone.

  • In Matthew 12, it is a message of mercy - "I desire mercy not sacrifice."
  • In Nehemiah 13, it is a message of rescue from the judgment of God for despising Him.
  • In Exodus 20, it is a message of duty and easing from monetary gain. 
  • In Isaiah 58, we hear a message of delight and pleasure and honor.
  • And in Hebrews 4, we come to what is perhaps the crescendo of the magnificent meaning on the Sabbath - rest, eternal rest.

The "rest" of the Sabbath day is symbolic of rest in Christ today and in heaven tomorrow. The day is a shadow and earthly reminder of something greater. The Sabbath day reminds us of the Gospel and all of its blessings and responsibilities. The message of this series is that there is only one place of rest for weary souls abused by the devil - Christ.

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