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A Weed in the Church: How a Culture of Age Segregation is Harming the Next Generation, Fragmenting the Family, and Dividing the Church

While almost everyone involved in youth ministry agrees the modern church faces a crisis, there is much disagreement regarding its severity and diagnosis. A Weed in the Church suggests that this well-recognized crisis has a specific cause which will surprise many. Brown argues that while Scripture defines and wholeheartedly encourages youth discipleship, the premises of modern youth ministry are at odds with biblical teaching and must be reformed. A Weed in the Church unfolds the history, the nature, the effect, and the root problem of systematic, age-segregated youth ministry and presents helpful solutions built on Scripture's sure foundation.


Table of Contents:


Section I - Orientation
1. A Child of the Movement
2. State of Emergency
3. Definitions
4. Qualifications
5. Interpreting Scripture

Section II - Evaluating Historical Roots and Current Landscapes
6. The Rise of Modern Youth Ministry
7. The Fruit of Modern Youth Ministry

Section III - Multiplying Biblical Solutions for the Discipleship of Youth
8. Unless the Lord Builds the House
9. The Family-Centered Nature of Youth Discipleship
10. Corporate Gatherings for the Discipleship of Youth
11. Personal Ministry in the Church
12. The Content of Instruction
13. The Results of Neglecting Youth Discipleship

Section IV - Answering Objections
14. Classifying the Arguments
15. Arguments from the Bible
16. Pragmatic Objections and Experiential Arguments

Section V - Implementation
17. Pulling
18. Planting
19. Gardening in Christ's Vineyard


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