While the doctrine of salvation was being reformed during the sixteenth century, so were the doctrines of marriage, manhood, womanhood, courtship, child raising, fertility, abortion, and almost every other area that touches family life.

Though John Calvin never wrote a book on the family, he touched off a family reformation. He was the instigator of a massive restructuring of the most fundamental institution of society.
Like no other reformer, Calvin provided the exegetical precision that defined the terms for a biblical vision of family life. With crystal clarity, he explained the details of the how the family had exchanged the glory of God for a lie. We should be thankful to this dear brother for excavating the gold mines of the Bible and exposing the raw biblical language and bedrock principles that form the doctrine of the Christian family.
This book seeks to communicate the main themes of Calvin's teaching on family life in his own words, using quotes from his books, sermons, letters, and other writings.
In Geneva, there were many victories in the battle to reform the family. Let me suggest that it may be difficult to win today's battles for the family unless we understand the victories of the sixteenth century.

"Scott Brown has done us yeoman service in culling the vast corpus of John Calvin in order to amass hundreds of valuable quotations on what this colossal Reformer had to say on marriage and family. What a fascinating treasure-trove Family Reformation is, addressing scores of subjects that are as pertinent today as in Calvin’s own day! As always, Calvin is scriptural, practical, thorough, succinct, powerful, and honest. This may well be one of the best and most helpful marriage and family books on the market today. Use it as your daily devotional, and give a copy to your friends. Every conscientious family will be enriched by Calvin’s wise advice." 

-Dr. Joel Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids

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