Christian fathers have a unique privilege and responsibility as the leaders of their families. As “bread winners", they provide for the physical needs of their families, giving them shelter, food, clothing, and the other necessities of life. As spiritual heads, they must provide direction for their family in the things of the Lord, using the Bible as their guidebook. This responsibility should be humbling, but not burdening, as they experience the joy of following God’s commands and guiding their families in the paths of righteousness.

In Fatherhood, Scott T. Brown delivers nine powerful messages about a father’s discipleship, the duties of fathers, their roles as leaders in the home, fatherhood in the Bible, and more. This foundational audio series seeks to encourage and equip fathers to protect their daughters and affirm them in their femininity, to gird up their sons with strength, and to be visionary family leaders in the home.
Listen as Scott Brown directs men to look upward to God, the quintessence of fatherhood. Learn to draw deeply from the well of His character and emulate Him in your interactions with your children. Although dealing specifically with the subject of Christian fatherhood, these messages are profitable for the whole family to listen to.
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