The perfect companion to Marriage God's Way ! God intended marriage to be a great joy, but we can only experience this joy if we obey the principles found in His Word.

This workbook will help you apply the biblical recipe considered in Marriage God's Way. Inside you will find:

  • Clear instructions on prayer, communication, and forgiveness
  • Insightful questions that solve marital frustrations
  • Practical exercises to enjoy with your spouse
  • Helpful discussion topics that strengthen your relationship

Use this great tool in your marriage, small group, or church. Perfect for engaged couples, newlyweds, and marriage veterans, Pastor Scott provides questions for husbands, wives, and couples:

  • Husband: What are three ways your wife makes you feel respected? Disrespected?
  • Wife: Second only to Christ, do you feel like the supreme relationship in your husband's life? Why or why not?
  • Husband: When your wife is suffering, do you feel like she takes it out on you like Rachel did with Jacob (Genesis 30:1)?
  • Wife: What can your husband do to help you more easily resist the temptation to nag him?
  • Both: What do we have in our home that threatens our holiness, and how do we remove it?

Each question is designed to help make your marriage a healthy, joyful, Christ-centered relationship!

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