Preparing Boys for Battle - Paperback

This is a handbook for dads to help them train their sons for battle.  In it, you will find sixteen critical lessons about manhood that we can derive from the battle for Iwo Jima. I believe that fathers must deliver these exhortations to their sons if they are going to be the mighty warriors that God intends them to be.

It is appropriate to remember the WWII generation. That generation of warriors forged their character by hard work and frugality as they labored to eke out a living after the Depression. Most were not raised with silver spoons; they were farm boys and clerks and ditch diggers. Few of them had much leisure time. But then they went to war and saved Western Civilization from the godless tyranny of Hirohito and Adolph Hitler.

A generation of heroes cannot emerge ex nihilo. Heroes are prepared by faithful fathers. This is a book about fathers leading boys to be truly great boys, and someday men. So pull up a chair and settle in as World War II P-51 fighter pilot Bill Brown reads of battles, bombs, planes, and foxholes – the experiences of his youth during the battle for Iwo Jima.

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