In these four spiral-bound family Bible study guides, Kevin Swanson introduces the book of Psalms as the very heart of the Word of God. The book of Psalms teaches us the proper worship of God in content, emotion, and method. Of all the things which make up your life, what could be more important than the worship of God? Certainly, there could hardly be anything more critical to teach your children!

For families who see the Bible as their core curriculum, we introduce the brand new Family Bible Study Guides. Family worship is a time when parents fulfill their Deuteronomy 6:7 and Ephesians 6:4 responsibilities to teach and disciple their families. In each lesson, this manual will provide the following Bible study helps for the study of the Psalms:

  • Convenient categorization and contextualization of each Psalm
  • Exposition of each Psalm explaining the meaning in simple terms
  • Description of the emotions that weave through the Psalm
  • Family-life application of the Psalm for parents and children
  • Summary of what the Psalm teaches about worship
  • Content and discussion questions to facilitate discussion and application
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