The Bible is brimming with passages that can make Christians blush, squirm, and reel with embarrassment—stories and passages that can make us feel uncomfortable: Israelites stoned adulterers, Jesus declared that sinners go to hell, and God commanded His people to kill whole groups of people, even animals. In response, many have opted for a feel-good faith by embracing only the socially-acceptable and non-offensive passages in Scripture. Brian Cosby disrupts this deadly trajectory by explaining why all Scripture is God-breathed, holy, and essential for faith and life. In this presentation, Cosby reclaims seven of the most "censored" topics in the Bible: (1) the full character of God, (2) creation, (3) the depth of our sin, (4) the nature of suffering, (5) the reality of hell, (6) faithful church ministry, and (7) the privilege and responsibility of Biblical parenting. May we not be ashamed of the gospel and dare to embrace the entire Bible for a healthy, holy, and joy-filled faith.

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