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Lessons from the Past - Dangers of a Wrong Pursuit of Holiness

By John Snyder, 2015/11/04

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Here in this message, John Snyder warns us against the wrong pursuit of holiness. He says that it is very easy for us, who have grown up in a Christian society that had no concern for holiness, to swing to the other side of the pendulum. We don't want to swing so far that in twenty-years there will be conference to undo our wrong pursuit of holiness. 

John Snyder

John Snyder prepared for the ministry at Blue Mountain College, Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, and Reformed Theological Seminary. He then completed a Ph.D. on the Eighteenth-Century Welsh revivals at the University of Wales: Trinity St. David. He is a pastor at Christ Church in New Albany, MS. John and his wife Misty live in New Albany with their three children.