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Preparing for Marriage Bundle

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    The seats are full of guests. The groomsmen and bridesmaids flank center stage, their eyes eagerly directed toward the building’s rear. At the foot of the steps stands the groom, his face beaming with joy, his fingers shaking with excitement. And there, down the rose-strewn aisle, steps the bride,...


    How are young people to arrive safely at the marriage altar? This book captures some of the premarital counsel which John Calvin gave to the youth and families of Geneva in order that they may navigate the single years and enter successfully into marriage. The book draws from two categories of...


    The process of getting and staying married is severely malfunctioning in our land. With the divorce rate in the church statistically indistinguishable from the unbelieving world, it would not be considered hyperbole to say that today’s marriages in the church are a moral disaster. Because we have...

    The Preparing for Marriage Bundle Includes 2 Books and an MP3 CD with 10 Messages!

    • Help Them Choose - book

    Chapter 1: The Home Parlor
    Preparing Your Children for Considering Marriage Partners

    Chapter 2: Match-Making
    Parental Involvement in the Marriage Choices of their Children

    Chapter 3: False-Tests
    False Tests for Selecting a Companion for Life.

    Chapter 4: True-Tests
    True Tests in the Selection of a Companion for Life.

    Chapter 5: Inheritance
    Providing a Superior Inheritance

    • Preparing for Marriage - book


    Chapter 1 - Strategic Time of Life
    Chapter 2 - The Importance of Marriage
    Chapter 3 - Purity
    Chapter 4 - The Motivation for Marriage
    Chapter 5 - Necessary Age for Marriage
    Chapter 6 - Parental Consent
    Chapter 7 - Necessity of Individual Consent
    Chapter 8 - Marriage Within Families
    Chapter 9 - Equal Yoking
    Chapter 10 - Proposals and Engagements
    Chapter 11 - The Permanence of Engagements
    Chapter 12 - The Marriage Ceremony
    Chapter 13
     - Post-Marriage Concerns

    End Notes

    • Prepare for Marriage - MP3 CD
    1. Church Life That Prepares for Marriage - Jason Dohm
    2. Courtship Catastrophe Mitigation - Kevin Swanson
    3. Do We Have Our Cart Before Our Horse When It Comes to Love? - Don Hart
    4. Equal Yoking - Dan Horn\
    5. Getting Married Early - Dan Horn
    6. How to Split a Church Through a Courtship - Stephen Hopkins
    7. Preparing a Two-Year-Old for Marriage - Jonathan Sides
    8. Principles of Courtship - Paul Washer
    9. Pursuing Marriage Without Becoming a Tyrant or a Victim - Don Hart
    10. What is the Role of Romance and Emotions? - Dan Horm

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