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Polycarp of Smyrna (Heroes of the Faith)

  • There are lots of 'idols' these days. But do you have any heroes? What's the difference? Idols are people we say we 'adore' because they are famous, or rich, or good looking, or because they have amazing talents, or special abilities perhaps we wish we could have. Heroes are people who are willing to live and die for what they believe.

    POLYCARP OF SMYRNA: THE MAN WHOSE FAITH LASTED tells the story of a hero. He was a follower of Jesus Christ. He loved and served his Lord for over eighty years. And from the beginning to the end - his faith lasted. This large hardback book for children, from the pen of Sinclair Ferguson, is beautifully illustrated by Allison Brown.

  • Pages: 40
    Publisher: The Banner of Trust
    Language: English
    ISBN-13: 978-1-84871-092-4
    Product Dimensions: 10 in x 8.4 x .3 inches
    Weight: 10.3 oz


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  • In the Arena

    Polycarp's Memories

        Memory 1 Childhood

        Memory 2 John

        Memory 3 Two Friends

    Into the Arena

    Faithful to Jesus

    Learn from Polycarp

    About Polycarp of Smyrna


    A Personal Word to Parents