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Church Discipline Conference

  • This DVD set includes 17 hours of audio and video.

    At this conference, we tried to bring an exegetical understanding and practical application of the various texts of Scripture that deal with the matter of discipline in the church. The church today has largely set aside church discipline as one of its ordinary means of grace, and as a result, even pastors are unclear on what the Bible says on the matter. 

  • Speakers Include Jeff Pollard, Scott Brown, Jason Dohm, Marcus Serven and more.

    DVD: 15+ Hours of Video Messages
    Publisher: The National Center for Family Integrated Churches (2015)
    Language: English
    Discs: 2
    ISBN-13: 978-1-62418-048-4

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  • Dealing With The Divisive - Rob Ventura
    Church Discipline in Church History - Dan Ford
    Should Repentance Always Stop the Chastisement - Dan Horn
    Dealing With The Unrepentant - Rob Ventura
    Understanding Repentance - Jeff Pollard
    Dealing With Scandalous Sin - Dan Horn
    How New Testament Texts Are Case Law - Dan Horn
    Dealing With The Disorderly - Jason Dohm
    Church Discipline and American Law - Keeping Your Church out of Legal Trouble - Lael Weinberger
    Church Discipline in History - Dan Ford
    Dealing With False Teachers - Jason Dohm
    The God Who Disciplines Sons - Scott Brown
    The Case for Elder or Presbytery Discipline and Congregational Discipline - Dan Horn and Marcus Serven
    Discipline of Elders - Scott Brown
    Sixteen Kinds of Discipline - Scott Brown
    Dealing With Disagreements Over Discipline - Jeff Pollard
    Church Membership and Church Discipline - Jeff Pollard
    How Should Church Members Treat The Disciplined - Jason Dohm