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The Christian and the Magistrate: Roles, Responsibilities, and Jurisdictions

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  • What is the Biblical definition of a civil magistrate? Should Christians be subject to them? Should civil governments be subject to God? Is physical resistance to authority ever justifiable? Under what circumstances? And what is a Christian's role with respect to the civil sphere? 16th century Swiss Reformer Pierre Viret once expressed his feelings of political turmoil: "By nature I have always loved peace, and was always horrified at all dissensions and troubles." Despite the man's peace-loving nature, however, God chose to place Viret in some of the most politically tumultuous situations imaginable throughout his life. In these times Viret was compelled to search the Scriptures in an effort to instruct his congregations-as well as countless others asking his advice-on the Biblical definition and response to civil government, war, resistance against authorities, tyrants, and many other political matters. The writings contained in The Christian and the Magistrate are a collection of some of the applications Viret offered of the Biblical truths pertaining to magistrates and the Christian's duty to them.

  • Paperback: 132 pages
    Publisher: Psalm 78 Ministries (2015)
    Language: English
    ISBN-13: 978-1-938822-53-7
    Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 .1 x .3 inches
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  • Translator's Notes

    1. How should Man be Governed?
    2. Warning Against Insurrection and Rebellion
    3. Christians the Best of Subjects
    4. Honoring Those in Authority Over Us
    5. The Ministry of the Magistrates
    6. The Magistrate's Role Under God
    7. Jurisdictions and callings Ordained by God
    8. Using the Magistrate for Good
    9. When Can Christians Wage War?
    10. True Obedience to Magistrates: Example from Scripture
    11. A Christian's Duty Under Ungodly Rulers

    A Note on Sermon