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The Godly Man's Picture

Thomas Watson
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  • Few preachers in the Puritan era (or any other period of church history) match Thomas Watson for his ability to combine rich spirituality, nourishing doctrine and sane wisdom with fascinating illustration and a pleasant style. Watson is remembered chiefly for his posthumously published Body of Practical Divinity (reprinted by the Trust in three volumes). But his extant sermons also include this marvellous series on the character of the Christian. It is, as C.H. Spurgeon said of his other work, 'a happy union of sound doctrine, heart-searching experience and practical wisdom'.

    Watson is always the essence of sanity and reliability. But in addition, this work shows how attractive the grace of God is. Christians of all stages, reading it for the first time, will feel as if they have entered the gallery of a great portrait painter. As his sub-title suggests, Watson works with 'a Scripture pencil' in this priceless sketch of the true believer.

  • Paperback: 256 pages
    Author: Thomas Watson

    Publisher: Banner of Truth; Facsimile of 1666 ed edition (June 1, 1992)

    Language: English

    ISBN-10: 0851515959

    ISBN-13: 978-0851515953

    Product Dimensions: 7.2 x 4.7 x .7 inches
    Shipping Weight: 9.5 oz

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  • To the Reader

    1. For this shall everyone that is godly pray unto thee' (Psa. 32:6)
    2. Expounding the Nature of Godliness
    3. A Reproof to Such as are Only Pretenders to Godliness
    4. Showing the Characteristics of a Godly Man
      • A Man of Knowledge
      • A Man Moved by Faith
      • A Man Fired With Love
      • A Man Like God
      • A Man Careful About the Worship of God
      • A Man Who Serves God not Men
      • A Man Who Prizes Christ
      • A Man Who Weeps
      • A Man Who Loves the Word
      • A Man Who Has the Spirit of God Residing in Him
      • A Man of Humility
      • A Man of Prayer
      • A Man of Sincerity
      • A Heavenly Man
      • A Zealous Man
      • A Patient Man
      • A Thankful Man
      • A Man Who Love the Saints
      • A Man Who Does Not Indulge Himself in Any Sin
      • A Man Who is Good in His Relationships
      • A Man Who Does Spiritual Things in a Spiritual Manner
      • A Man Thoroughly Trained in Religion
      • A Man Who Walks With God
      • A Man Who Strives to Be an Instrument for Making Others Godly
    5. Two Conclusions About the Characteristics of a Godly Man
    6. An Exhortation to Godliness
      • Let Men Seriously Weigh Their Misery
      • While They Remain in a State of Ungodliness
      • What Rare Persons the Godly Are
      • To Strive for Godliness is Most Rational
      • The Excellence of Godliness
      • There Are Only a Few Godly
      • Consider How Vain and ContempibleOther Things Are, About Which Persons Void of Godliness Busy Themselves
    7. Prescribing Some Helps to Godliness
    8. An Exhortation to Persevere in Godliness
    9. Motives to Persevere in Godliness
    10. Counsel for the Godly
    11. Comfort to the Godly
    12. Showing the Mystic Union between Christ and the Saints


About the Author

Thomas Watson

Thomas Watson was educated at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, where he was noted for remarkably hard study. All of Thomas Watson's writings and sermons are replete with sound doctrine, practical wisdom, and heart-searching application. His profound spirituality, gripping remarks, practical illustrations, and beauty of expression make him one of the most irresistible of the Puritans.