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The Gospel's Power and Message

Paul Washer
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  • One of the greatest crimes of this generation of Christians is its neglect of the gospel, and it is from this neglect that all our other maladies spring forth. Absent from too many pulpits are the essential themes which make up the very core of the gospel the justice of God, the radical depravity of man, the blood atonement. In The Gospel s Power and Message, Paul Washer addresses these essential elements of Christ s good news and provides a guide to help us rediscover the gospel in all its beauty, scandal, and saving power. May such a rediscovery transform your life, strengthen your proclamation, and bring the greatest glory to God.

  • Series: Recovering the Gospel

    Paperback: 288 pages

    Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books (October 15, 2012)

    Language: English

    ISBN-10: 1601781954

    ISBN-13: 978-1601781956

    Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.6

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  • Series Preface: Recovering the Gospel

    Part One: An Apostolic Introduction
    1. A Gospel to Know and Make Known
    2. A Gospel to Be Received
    3. A Gospel by Which We Are Saved
    4. A Gospel of First Importance
    5. A Gospel Handed Down and Delivered

    Part Two: The Power of God for Salvation
    6. The Gospel
    7. A Scandalous Gospel
    8. A Powerful Gospel
    9. A Gospel for All Who Believe

    Part Three: The Acropolis of the Christian Faith
    10. Making Much of Sin
    11. Making Much of God
    12. Sinners One and All
    13. Sinners Falling Short
    14. Sinners Through and Through
    15. Righteous Indignation
    16. Holy War
    17. A Most Costly Gift
    18. The Divine Dilemma
    19. A Qualified Redeemer
    20. The Cross of Jesus Christ
    21. The Vindication of God
    22. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
    23. The Foundation of Faith in the Resurrection
    24. Christ's Ascension as the High Priest of His People
    25. Christ's Ascension as the Lord of All
    26. Christ's Ascension as the Judge of All

About the Author

Paul Washer

Paul Washer became a believer while studying at the University of Texas. He completed his undergraduate studies and enrolled at Southwestern Theological Seminary, where he received his Master of Divinity degree. After graduating, he moved to Peru and served there as a missionary for 10 years, during which time he founded the HeartCry Missionary Society to support Peruvian church planters. HeartCry's work now supports over 100 indigenous missionaries in over 20 countries throughout Eastern Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

An itinerant preacher, Paul also frequently teaches at the new church plant in Radford, Virginia, and is the author of The One True God: A Biblical Study of the Doctrine of God.

Paul serves as the Director and one of the laborers with the HeartCry Missionary Society ( He and his wife Charo have three children: Ian, Evan, and Rowan. Their family resides in Radford, VA