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To the Golden Shore

Courtney Anderson
  • On February 12, 1812, Ann and Adoniram Judson sailed from Salem aboard the brig Caravan as two of the first missionaries to go out from North America. Watching the shoreline disappear from view, they could not have foreseen the impact of their journey on the future of the Christian world mission or on the thousands of men and women who would follow in their footsteps. After a short stay in India, they carried the Good News of Jesus Christ to the golden shore of Burma.

    Drawing on letters and church records, Courtney Anderson paints a poignant portrait of Judson’s early life in dealing with the conflict between his desire for material success and the inner call to serve God. For Adoniram Judson the golden shore brought bitter hardships, imprisonment, and family tragedy. Yet, he never wavered in his commitment to win people to faith in Christ and to translate the Bible into the Burmese language.

    This special edition recognized the 175th anniversary of the Judsons sailing on their historic voyage and celebrates the early years of Baptist mission overseas. Photographs and reproductions of Burmese woodcuts are used in telling Judson’s story.

  • Author: Courtney Anderson
    Paperback: 530 pages

    Publisher: Judson Pr; Anniversary edition (June 1, 1987)

    Language: English

    ISBN-10: 0817011218

    ISBN-13: 978-0817011215

    Product Dimensions: 8.1 x 5.5 x 1.3 inches

    Shipping Weight: 1.6 pounds

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  • Author's Note

    Part One: The Embarkation

    1. The Frame
    2. Clouds
    3. Wenham
    4. Braintree, Plymouth and Brown
    5. Revolt
    6. The Dedication
    7. Embassy to Ava - The Decision
    8. The Brethren; the American Board
    9. Nancy
    10. A Wild, Romantic Undertaking
    11. France and England
    12. The Formal and Solemn Reprimand
    13. The Ordination
    14. The Embarkation


    Part Two: The Dangerous Voyage

    1. India
    2. Exile
    3. Rangoon
    4. Burma
    5. Little Roger
    6. Time Must Bring a Harvest
    7. Alarms and Excursions
    8. The First Convert
    9. Let Us Go to the Golden Feet
    10. Ava - and Failure
    11. Crisis
    12. Return to the Golden Feet
    13. Royal Reception
    14. The New Testament; Nancy Returns
    15. Foreigners Must Be Spies
    16. Imprisonment
    17. Death Prison Days
    18. Prison Life; Little Maria
    19. Take Care of Yourself
    20. Oung-pen-la
    21. Release and Triumph
    22. The Black-Sealed Letter


    Part Three: To the Golden Shore:

    1. The Shadows Fall
    2. The Hermitage; Give Us a Writing
    3. The Burmese Bible; Sarah
    4. Quiet Years; the Family
    5. Let the Will of God Be Done
    6. America
    7. Fanny Forever
    8. When We Shall All Shine Together
    9. Bat Castle
    10. Sunset; the Dictionary
    11. To the Golden Shore
    12. Afterwards

    Concerning the Sources

About the Author

Courtney Anderson, who died in 2001, had a full and diverse career spanning five decades. He worked as a teacher, author, and film writer for various industries, businesses, and the U.S. government.